Calculator With Paper Roll  v.2 2

Calculator with Paper Roll want to help you in complex and long Math Calc with 'Paper Roll' feature that store in memory, all of the operations you do.

Rent Roll Pro  v.2. 4. 2002

Rent Roll Pro provides the instant financial analysis vital for effective property management, integrates completely with QuickBooks© 1 Pro, Premier and Enterprise 2, manages up to 999 separate property files (999 x 9999 units) without extra per


Stack n Roll  v.1.0

Stack n Roll is a fun puzzle game. It is easy to play but is also very challenging. Simply stack the same colored blocks together. The higher the stack, the more points you score. When the maximum stack height is reached,

Rock N Roll Slots

Rock N Roll Slots is a five reel online slots game. Drums! Guitars! Trashy Groupies! Roadies! Tour Busses! All the classic elements of Rock n Roll are thrown in the mix with our Rock N Roll Slots game. When a played line strikes lucky and wins, the line

Rock & Roll JEOPARDY!  v.32.0

Rock & Roll JEOPARDY! is an great quiz game based on the popular TV show in which there are different categories on a game board with different monetary values on them and you have to choose one and answer a question related to music.

Roll Or Don't  v.1.0

In 'Roll Or Don't', you roll dice and choose your numbers, then keep rolling as long as you feel lucky.

Roll the dice  v.

Roll the dice is an app with a simple animation that lets you roll a

Camera Roll Sync  v.

v1.1 - Performance and bug fixes Sync your camera roll folder to SkyDrive in high quality. Windows phone built-in auto-upload has two limitations. It only uploads pictures if connection is available when the picture was taken and it downsizes the

The Rock Roll Quiz Book  v.

Are you a rock ‘n’ roll fan? Can you name the artists from yesteryear who started the rock ‘n’ roll craze and the songs that made them famous? Do you consider yourself to be an expert on rock ‘n’ music? If so,

Roll Kiddo... (Lite)  v.

Roll Kiddo... (Lite) is the free version of Roll Kiddo... Roll! The Lite version includes 20 fully featured levels, which provide an introduction to the full version of the game that comes with 42 progressive levels. The storyline is about Kiddo,

Roll Kiddo... Roll!  v.

After a wind storm damages the mother turtle’s nest, Kiddo, one of the eggs, is trapped in a whirlwind and is carried away from the nest. In this fun and adventurous game, your mission is to roll Kiddo safely back into the nest. But,

Roll-a-dice  v.

„Roll-a-dice“ is a yahtzee clon for up to 4 players. Play it with your friends where ever you want. Put your Windows Phone out of your pocket and start playing.

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